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Buyers always want to know about the experiences of others before committing their moneys because this helps them make wiser decisions. Rather than make an original mistake, consumers have been choosing to learn from experience since time immemorial. Case in point is the glorification and rise of the Consumer Report magazine which allows the consumers to not only get what they are looking for, but also get peripheral info they might find useful in their choice making.

While todays’ consumer has moved on to buying online, the need for him to see what others say about a given service or product hasn’t changed one bit. Consumers still want to see what others have to say about something before buying- whether these are expert reviews on known blogs, or customer reviews on those websites.

Some of the least underserved as far as consumer reports are concerned are the essay writing company consumers who’re largely made of students.

Students as consumers

Although students spend a lot of money annually buying essays, they have very little to go back to when it comes to making informed decisions about the vendors they use. Many of them rely on good luck or fate when choosing service providers- a feat that always ends in complaints. These consumers need a platform that can provide them with the needed education about essay writing companies in order for them to pass off as informed consumers.

Why we review essay writing companies

The rate at which essay writing companies are coming up is appalling. Although these companies are springing up from everywhere, there is no telling sign to show that a given company is any good in whatever it claims. There is the urgent need for students to know about these companies so that they cannot make bad decisions. is here to help them on this journey.

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How it works

First of all, we know how much value our psychology places on customer reviews when we are making buying decisions. We went out and found as many reviews about essay writing companies as we could manage. We used the ratings they provided as well as the comments they left to come up with a list of top service providers we could recommend to our users.

We also send an investigative team out to discover what different essay writing companies offered to their customers. The result is a comprehensive summary that tells them all they need to know.